The Society

Our company, adapted to modern demands and sensitive to social issues, was created with the ultimate goal of their complete eradication. We contribute to the healthcare sector by offering healthy snacks and in tackling the ecological problem with our 100% recyclable packaging.

We donate products with your help to those in need, taking a decisive step against poverty and inequality, while also building sustainable cities and communities. And perhaps most importantly of all, we inform and sensitize the new generation, the generation of the future. We place our hopes in these children, providing them with the appropriate stimuli in the most creative and enjoyable way possible: through play.

The characters, coming from different groups and helping each other, teach our young friends dialectical thinking and encourage them to showcase their unique personality. Our goal is to shape well-rounded citizens with critical thinking skills, who will engage in public affairs and continue our work. E.L.A. is with us on a journey against social problems, against inequalities. Let's build the future with E.L.A.