Our Products

Our company's core value is the creation of high-quality healthy snacks using raw materials. We offer you, with love and imagination, a path that leads to healthy dietary standards, good health, creativity, and awareness

Our raw materials.

We rely on plant-based raw materials, such as lentils and beetroot, which offer our consumers the opportunity to taste and choose products with the aim of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but also seeking new flavors.


Our products, with lentils as their main ingredient, consist of Lentil Flour and Tapioca Starch which is a gluten-free food product, highly active and suitable for people with digestion sensitivities. Additionally, by adding tomato and basil, elements of the Mediterranean diet are added to our product.

Our products made with beets contain nutritious ingredients such as rice flour, cassava starch which is a tropical root that contributes to the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal system, and chia seeds which help keep our body hydrated. They are also ideal as they provide natural energy reserves to the body. That's why our products are suitable for before exercising or a busy day.