We met with Mr. Peter Economidis to finalize the product. He shared his personal experience with us regarding starting a business and informed us about the operations and strategies of multinational corporations. We entrusted him with our concerns and issues, which, following his advice, we managed to address "through cooperation, fruitful dialogue, and the exchange of ideas".

1st meeting with our inspirational mentor

We connected online with Mr. Veremis, the Inspirational Mentor of our virtual business, and discussed our products, game, and goals. He informed us about the needs of the market and urged us to move based on our personal preferences, as he reminded us, "when one truly believes in what they are doing, they can only succeed."

We invited Mr. Sakellaridis, the director of, who informed us about the elements that need to be included in a professional website, as well as the way they should be presented in order to attract the consumer. We also discussed the game and the struggle that lay ahead of us to finally implement our ideas.

Meeting about the site and the game

Meeting about the company's functionality and needs.

We met with Mr. Daskalakis, a founding member of Daskalakis Family company, who shared his personal experiences with us and advised us that "the journey, despite its difficulties, is more important than our final destination." He also informed us about the path we needed to follow as a food company and the pending issues we needed to address.

2nd meeting with our inspiration mentor.

We had the second meeting with Mr. Veremis, during which we updated him on our progress. He advised us to contact a major sponsor company (Unimack), with whom we eventually collaborated to produce the snacks. He also encouraged us to seek simplicity in the online game, taking into account our personal preferences.

Our visit to Unismack

We visited the Unismack factory as a group, where we met in person the people who support us. We witnessed the production process of our products up close and experienced the conditions prevailing in a factory. The managers also advised us on the form and characteristics that our packaging needs to have, and offered each of us a bag with various of their products.